I would like to create posters of what is happening to our oceans –how they are becoming a garbage dump. Is there a website that has pictures that are available to download?



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    Wikipedia is one of the best sources for free-to-use illustrations. There are maps and one photo on the page below. If this is for something like a school project, just go for it. If your intent is to make posters (multiple copies) either to distribute for free or for cost, then you need to pay close attention to the copyrights on any photos or illustrations you use, including those from wikipedia. Almost everything you find on the Internet is copyrighted and you cannot copy them for wide distribution, even if for free distribution. You need to get permission, or follow the use requirements for wikipedia illustrations.

    One exception is things created by US government employees within the scope of their employment – such things are public domain, but again you need to be sure that is the case if you are planning any distribution beyond a single copy for something like a school project. The NOAA site below may have some useful items, but also be aware that just because something is on a government web site does not mean it is free to use – they may have permission, which may not grant you permission automatically. You need to determine who owns copyright.

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    Do a google search, but go to “advanced search” and under “usage rights” select  “labeled for reuse.” That will make sure you only get images that you are free to reuse! Though like above, a lot of them are from wikipedia. 

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