I work in acompany that puts alot of poythene bags too land fill can and where can these be re- cycled?



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    Polythylene is a resin that is added to plastics that allows this substance to be thin, pliable and strong at the same time. It is a widely used item and for this reason there are polythylene (plastic) recycling places all over every city in the U.S. Most of your recycling centers will have this available. Also, most grocery stores are getting into the green atmosphere and have a bin up front for bag recycling. I hope this helps you.

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    Bayard Packaging Ltd. is a company that will recycle polythene bags. Just make sure the bags have no trash or food or drinks on them, and you can put them in an envelope and send them to:

    Bayard Packaging Ltd
    Unit 46 Silverwing Ind. Estate
    Imperial Way, Croydon 
    CR0 4RR

    Their website is http://www.polythene-envelopes.com/

    For future polythene use, Bayard Packaging Ltd. also sells biodegradable bags that can be recycled by placing them in supermarket recycle bins.

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