I was once told that only 10% of what you put in a recycling bin actually gets recycled. Is this true? Why not 100%?

And if the number that actually gets recycled is not 10%, do you know what it is?



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    Although I don’t know what the actual average percentage is, what gets recycled can depend on several factors. It can depend on the condition of the material, many recyclers won’t accept items with food waste on them. It also can depend on where you live. For example, residents in a smaller city may not be able to recycle as much as those in a larger city, where there are more processing facilities and more markets for the end materials. Also, many sorting facilities are moving to automated processes and a lot of random materials can end up as waste on the sorting floor.

    Your local government may have a department to assist you with knowing what gets recycled; other organizations may provide support as well. See URL for an example located in San Diego.

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      This is crazy to me, what is the point of putting something into a recycling bin if there is a chance its not going to be recycled?

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