I was in a chicken house where the excrement had been sitting for months. The odor was unbearable, and I had to leave after a few minutes. My sinuses have been irritated for months. Can this short exposure have such a lasting effect?



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    Decomposing feces can (will) have fungus or microbes in it, and it sounds like hotboxing these fumes may have given you an infection, though like you Im not sure it can happen that way.

    If it’s been irritating you for this long, you should probably see a doctor.

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    It may or may not be related to your exposure – the most important thing if it’s bothering you for that long and it’s a new symptom is to see a professional physician as they are the only ones that can confirm what is happening and what if anything you need to do. 

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    The longer your sinuses are inflamed the harder it will be to clear them up. While seeing a physician is always the safest and wisest approach, if your sinuses are inflamed trying rinsing with a neti pot twice a day. They are weird at first, but can really soothe your nasal cavities.

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