I want to throw an eco friendly party with a theme and everything, Any Ideas?



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    I have provided three links that will help you throw a great eco-friendly party. The first link below (toppartyideas.com) helps you create invitations, decorations, crafts, recipes, cakes, games and favors that are all ecofriendly. The second link has more to do with unique decorations that are eco-friendly. The third link is like the first link and it helps you with invitations, tableware,decorations, food, gifts/wrapping paper, and party favors. This is a neat idea. Have fun!




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    Here’s another link that provides eco-friendly party gifts, cups, banners—the whole nine yards.

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    In looking for a theme, you could choose an issue that is important to you (the rain forest, extinct animals, etc) and use your party to raise awareness and even money for that issue. Also, use an Internet service like e-vite or facebook to send paperless invitations. You could serve organic food. Lastly, make it a vegetarian party for an added eco-bonus!


    Note: Depending on the size of the party and how thematic you want to be, you avoid buying any throw-away items like cups, glasses, plates, etc by buying extra utensils and flatware that you can store and use every time you throw a party. Remember, reducing is best, reusing is second best, and recycling is third best.

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    – Use real silverware and plates instead of disposable plates. If you must buy disposable utensils, look for ones that are recyclable, biodegradable, or made with corn starch or vegetable products, like these

    – Don’t provide bottled water or individual cans of soda or juice. Have a filtered water pitcher out for guests to pour their own water, and buy 2-liters of soda and juice. If you are giving out favors, reusable drink bottles are a good idea. 

    – If it’s a birthday party, make your own cake or buy it from a local mom-and-pop bakery. This way, it won’t contain preservatives or foreign ingredients, and if you make it yourself, you will avoid packaging. 

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    This website, http://www.ecofriendlyparty.com/, seems like exactly the kind of thing you may want to check out. Other suggestions: If you really feel the need to send out formal invitations, use seed paper stationary; the paper is biodegradable, so your guests can bury the invite and envelope and then watch a cool flower or plant grow. Inviting people who live close to you will help reduce the amount of biofuel used for transportation. And finally, if you’re okay with a ‘cheesy,’ dress-up idea, insist that your guests wear at least one item of hemp clothing. 

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    A really fun activity you can do at your green-themed party is a White Elephant Gift Exchange. I included the rules in a link below. Essentially, everyone brings an item that they own but aren’t using. Instead of wrapping up the gifts in paper, people could reuse bags or boxes they have around the house so you aren’t wasting anything. This prevents people from going out and buying items, but they still get to leave with a party favor, and often, a funny story!

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