I want to take a green backpacking trip across Europe what are some good places to stop and see?



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    Too bad this question hasn’t been answered yet. I was just in Europe over the summer for two months so I will give you my favorites. My favorite city was Berlin, Germany. Berlin is absolutely incredible, the people, the sites, the beer and the prices are all magnificent. It is such a thriving and diverse city with so much to offer. Whatever your niche or interests are the city will be able to provide you with a medium. If you get to Berlin go to Cafe Zapata, it is part bar/club and part art gallery. The back is covered in sand and their are dance floors with art all along the walls and even metal sculptures around the back sanded area. My favorite country was the Czech. Republic. I was based out of Prague, which is a great city in itself, but the country is beautiful, inexpensive and fairly undiscovered by tourists so there are plenty of great places to go without dealing with all the tourism. Amsterdam, Marseille and Budapest were other cities I loved. I would give you more, but that will probably do for now. Have fun on your trip! I recommend using a Eurail pass.

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         I second the Czech Republic. Italy and France are also great places to visit. The food is great, the scenery is beautiful, and there is lots of art and history. I recommend spending time in Florence and the area around Sorrento. Both are full of tourists, but they are still really great to visit and it’s possible to find reasonably priced places to stay.

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