I want to raise my child to be more eco friendly than I was how can I do that?



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    There are tons of ways to do raise an environmentally conscious child.

    The first step is education.  Part of it is simple.  Teach your child about recycling and all of that just like you teach him or her about everything: as it occurs in life.

    For a little help, see the attached link about video games that can teach your child environmental concepts.

    You can buy your child environmentally conscious toys as well, and take the extra step and tell him or her WHY his toys are the best kind!

    Most importantly, exemplify an eco-conscious life.  Your child will grow up imitating you, so set a good example.

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    Love your answer, Erin C. Thomas!

    I would agree completely but would like to add my two cents.

    I think the most important thing is communication. Talk to your child about everything. Everything you do, tell them why you are doing it. This will make them curious and when they grow up, they won’t just do things because others do them. They will realize that the choices they make have to be thought out. Make your children question things.

    Education is very important. And like Erin said, they watch everything you do, so do not be a hypocrite.

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    I completely agree with erincthomas and paprika. It seems like a simple answer, but to truly teach something, you need education. And education won’t just come from the classroom. It’s almost a benefit that you want to raise your child to be more environmentally-conscious that you were raised because you know where your education was lacking. Another great idea is to help build up the small and simple things, like turning off your bedroom light when not using it. 

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