I want to organize an environmental club in my high school. I want to do something to save the earth, but I don’t know where to start, what activities to do. How can I make a big difference?



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    There are many things you can do. In the school itself, you can work to make changes. Make posters and announcements about recycling in school (if your school doesn’t have recycling bins in addition to trash bins in each classroom, you can campaign for that), not leaving the water running in the bathrooms, turning out the lights when a room isn’t in use, etc. You can also talk with your administration about alternative energy sources to power the building and other green initiatives. This, of course, is a more challenging pursuit, but could be effective if you get support from your peers, parents, and express your concern with your mayor or board of selectmen.

    You can fundraise for non-profits and other environmental groups, but it’s just as important to work for change in your own community, and a grassroots club at your school can make a difference!

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    You can look around for volunteering activities around your city that involve helping the Earth, such as planting trees or cleaning up litter. It would be great if you could get some other interested kids in your school to help out with these activities on a consistent basis. Another way to find opportunities to help the Earth is to talk to your science teachers. Chances are at least one of them can help you out.

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