I want to move a birds nest from inside my house with 4 eggs in it. How can I do this so the bird doesn’t abandon the eggs?



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    It’s really not a good idea to move the nest at all, unfortunately. Any sort of forced relocation is going to be extremely stressful for the birds. Birds grow and develop quickly, however, so once the eggs hatch it should not be long before all of the birds are gone. Then simply discourage them from building there again next year.

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      I have no choice unfortunately. The builder has to proceed with putting up the walls and insulation. It’s a new house and I asked him to wait but he can’t wait any longer or we won’t complete by the closing date scheduled. I think it’s a swallow. I thought maybe if we can remove the strutt with the nest attached we could relocate it under the deck. Will the mother bird know where to find it? He insists the windows have to remain closed, upto now I’ve made him leave them open. Thanks for any help.

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      Hmm, thats tough. In that case I would call animal control, they should be able to handle it in a way that will cause as little stress to you and the birds as possible. Good luck!

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    If it is not possible to leave it where it is then a gradual move closer to the door each day may be the only way. The mother bird will continue to feed the babies if you do not scare her. Hope this is helpful. Definately worth the try if you can’t leave them where they are.

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