I want to lose weight Fast. What should I do?

Have you idea?



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    Well, first lets look at what makes someone gain weight. We consume food for energy, and what isn’t used up is stored in our fat cells. So, if you consume less and use up more energy than normal, your body will tap into those fatty cells to supplement your energy use. Practical ways of accomplishing this are eating tiny meals through out the day (5 or 6) rather than traditional large meals. Of course, exercise is key for using up more of your stored energy. Drinking a lot of water makes you feel fuller, consequently making you eat less, and is good for cleaning out your system. I’ve also heard yogurt can help. Apparently there’s a rumor that Peter Jackson lost all his weight that way, as he just ate a lot of yogurt when he was busy editing his movie at the time. I can also attest to this trick, as I noticeably lost weight without meaning to when I ate yogurt for lunch everyday for a semester in college. All I will suggest is lose weight at a steady pace, because losing too fast can be dangerous to your health as well.

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    Heliosman is totally right.

    Eating right and exercising regularly are essential for losing weight.

    Make sure you are consuming protein at every meal, more fruits and veggies, and less processed, refined and sugared things. Eat smaller meals more often.

    Exercise daily if possible and take stairs whenever possible. Walk more, especially easy if you have a dog. Not much time? Look up HIIT or squeeze in mini work outs in the morning.. half your lunch time and after work.

    Drink lots of water. Drink nothing else except tea and a little wine or kombucha. Do not drink sugar.

    Get out more, get distracted. The more distracted you are, the less you will think of food. Get friends to stick to the goal with you and hold each other accountable. Join online communities for advice and support.

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