I want to know what shade trees can I plant . I leave in Spring Creek Nv.



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    Nevada is certainly a tricky place to plant (seeing how it is, naturally, largely a desert), but there are some resources you can use. I’ve attached a link tot he Nevada Shade Tree Council below. You can contact them to help you figure out what tree will be the best for your proerty and how to take care of your trees. They also have a great links section on their site to other websites that may assist you.

    I’ve also attached a link to a guide to the best shade trees for Nevada. The Holly Oak, Chinaberry, Common Locust, and Lacebark Elm all make that list.

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    Some good shade trees for Nevada include the red maple, tulip poplar, autumn purple ash, and the california pepper tree.  You can use the resource provided below to determine which is best for you.

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