I want to go on a diet to lose some weight what would be a good one for the environment?



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    To go on a diet that would also help the environment, you would have to eat a lot of organic food. Also, you should cut down meat consumption and stay away from foods with artificial things and chemicals in them. Try and have a kitchen garden, and eat from it. There are a lot of things you could do, here is a guide to going on a green diet.

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    I’d recommend eating fresh fruits and vegetables and unprocessed foods. Buying locally from sustainable, organic farms means that you’ll be reducing carbon emissions (because most of our food travels over 1000 miles to get to their destination, which equals a ton of fuel). If you get your food from sustainable, organic farmers as well, they often treat and feed their animals more humanely. Simply by buying local, supporting sustainable businesses, staying away from processed foods, and cooking most of your own food (and not eating out), you’ll be eating better, feeling better and not harming the environment.

    A note though, a diet alone won’t guarantee weight loss. Make sure you find ways to get exercise and de-stress yourself.

    Good luck!

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    Two of the most simple and easiest things to do to eat healthier for you and your planet are eat organically and eat locally. Organic growth has a lot of positives about it, or at least not all the negatives that growing otherwise possesses, namely pesticides and additives. Eating locally is mostly just better for the planet though it is quite significant. Less transportation costs and energy use in transportation are just some of the benefits to eating locally. Also, try to have some preference when you can’t make a decision to choose the product with less packaging. Try and find out what is grown locally and focus there, unfortunately depending on where you live might have to be limiting on yourself as to what things you can get. Granted you can get blueberries in winter but if you live in the North East they probably aren’t coming from anywhere close. In general though eating plants is better for you and the Earth so that is great place to start; it does not take as much to grow plants and they do not generate pollution like animals are said to.

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