I want to get a trutle and I need to know what to feed and what kind of home to have for it.



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    There are many websites and blogs that tell how to care for turtles. Here are a few.




    I would suggest, however, that you find a book at the library, book store, or pet store that discusses the specific breed of turtle that you are getting. Also, make sure that your turtle has been bred i captivity and not captured from the wild. Also, be prepared that turtles live a long time and grow considerably. You must be prepared to care for it for years to come and increase the size of the tank periodically.

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    First, make sure that you get a turtle that is captive bred. You will not want to take a turtle out of the wild because many turtles are in decline and you would not want to contribute to this loss of turtles in the wild.

    Box turtles make good pets. They feed on veggies and fruits, like romaine lettuce and grapes (split them in half so the turtle does not choke) and carrots. They also like earthworms. You will have to provide a calcium supplement and make sure the turtle gets enough natural light so its shell will be healthy. Box turtles live on land, but like to have an area of water where they can swim or cool off. You will have to clean the water regularly because they will often go to the bathroom here. One thing to consider, however, is that box turtles can live for 100 years. This is a long time commitment for a pet. Make sure you have a parent, sibling, or firend who can help you take care of the turtle if you are on vacation or away from home for awhile.


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