I used roundup yesterday afternoon. This morning a deer and her baby were eating some of the greens that I sprayed. Are they going to be OK or will this poison them…especially the baby?



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    It is very difficult to say for sure.  There are many variables to consider, such as how many of the greens did they eat? How heavy did you spray? Had they or will they consume other vegetation sprayed with similar doses of Round-Up? Round-
    Up is certainly toxic, and even if they do survive, they are at risk of long-term health damage.

    If you do have options for spraying besides Round-Up, I would recommend looking into them.  Round-Up has been linked to reproductive complications in both males and females, decreases in the biodiversity of amphibians and other members of the lower-level food chain, and poisoning the groundwater.  It is a very harsh chemical agent, so please do consider exploring other alternatives.  

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    The animal will likely get sick and the baby may not make it, if they ate enough. Read the Green Answers article below and be sure to click the links, which go to studies done on livestock and other animals. 

    Seriously, get Organic Substitutes for pesticides if you don’t want to hurt anyone else. Pick your weeds by hand and get a workout at the same time. Stop supporting a number one killer worldwide.

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    this website has some really easy suggestions for ways to get rid of weeds with stuff you have around your house, although i wouldnt recommend using bleach as this is not natural nor good for the environment

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