I use both aluminum foil and plastic bags. Which has a lower “green” cost of manufacture?

Please, no suggestions on how to be “greener” (reusable containers, recycle, etc). I’m really just interested in the question of which uses more scarce raw materials and energy for a sandwich-sized wrap.



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    There is really no way to quantify this. Aluminum is produced by mining non-renewable bauxite, which is then transported, processed using a lot of electricity to aluminum, transported again and again, manufactured into aluminum foil, then (probably) thrown away – but if recycled, can be used again and again. Plastic bags are mostly made from non-renewable natural gas, the processing and transporting factors are there, too, and many plastic bags are also thrown away – but they can be recycled as well. It’s a case of apples and oranges.

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    Aluminum seems slightly better. Look for a foil made with the largest amount of recycled foil, and rinse and re-use it when you can.

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