I understand that google is doing its best to be as environmentally friendly as possible, but isn’t it such a large company that it is bound to have a pretty large negative impact on the environment?



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    Inherently yes, there is larger energy consumption for large companies. However, you must look at a companies per employee energy consumption, or even better, their energy consumption versus output (efficiency / productivity) in determining how environmentally friendly they are. Google, for how large a company it is, does most of their work in cyberspace, making them relatively green compared to how much revenue they generate. 

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    They were criticized for their data center using too much electricity and have since made major improvements. The Google data centers use 50% less energy than the typical data center and are among the most efficient in the world. They are designed to best use the natural environment and conditions. This means they use outside air in a cold climate or reuse water from a nearby water source to stay efficient even in hot, humid summers.

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