I see people ice skating on frozen ponds in parks back east does the city have to test the strength of the ice before they do?



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    Some pounds are tested by the county or town, if the pond is in larger neighborhood or a well recognized pond in the community, however many towns have small pond that may go untested. With winter approaching staying safe while enjoying outdoor recreational activities could save your life. Ice should be regularly tested to make sure that it is thick and strong enough, if the ice is white then it is filled with air or snow and should be approached with caution; thick ice will be clear, blue or a greenish color. If the ice is only 3” thick, do NOT get on it, when the ice is 5” thick it can hold one snowmobile or ATV. Testing the ice is as simple as a slow walk with a buddy and in lifejackets on to the pound, if at any point you break through or hear cracks the ice is not safe and you should slowly move back to land, it is recommended you have a third person waiting on land just in case.

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