I see more and more waterless urinals installed in places I go;how long have they been on the market?



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    The Waterless Company first started making waterless urinals in 1991, and they first introduced to the market in 1992. Many waterless ones use cartridges that need to be replaced. Kohler came up with a bowl shape in 2006 that doesn’t require cartridges. 200,000 waterless urinals are installed across the globe, and half of them are in the U.S.



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    Apparently a patent for the first waterless urinal was issued way back in 1896 in Zurich, Switzerland. However, it wasn’t until 1986 that they really started going on the market, when Addicom introduced the first mass market waterless urinals in Johannesburg. In the early 90s, waterless urinals began to become more and more common as other companies developed them.  

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