I saw a huge bug in my backyard, what was it?

Its body looked like a bee (it was yellow striped) and it was a pretty slow mover. It was big, maybe the diameter of a beer bottle.



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    There are many insects that mimic the appearance of bees. By your description, you could have a European Hornet. They measure to about 25mm. 

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    I have personally run into a few bee-mimicking flies. My favorite is the narcissus bulb fly (Merodon equestris), which in most cases is mistaken for a bumblebee (Bombus lapidarus). they are in enitrely different orders, as you will see, but if you look under diptera, there will be a large number of bee-mimicking flies that might be your critter.

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    It would help to know where you live, because there are loads of wasps and hornets (and other yellow-striped bugs) out there. If it was really big though, here’s a guess- the Asian giant hornet (if you live in Asia, pictured below). It measures 50mm or approximately 2 inches in body length. Honestly, it could have been anything from a sandhills hornet to a paper wasp. I’d recommend looking through this catalogue of wasps, hornets, and sawflies, and see if you can’t recognize what you saw in your backyard.

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