I saw an article a while back that said Obama wanted to reduce government commuting habits which would reduce GHG emissions by 13% why not make it an even 15%?



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    This is a matter of specifics.  It would be quite an inexact estimate, therefore set the goals lower and if they are exceeded, then it looks better.  But aside from the politics of the goals, this is a fantastic step forward and a something to be positive about and get behind a change like this.  It is not only a change for the environment, it is a step towards more efficiently run cities, less traffic congestion, more active lifestyles (for those that choose biking, walking…), and a change of social norms also.  We have been living lives of convenience in the western world, drive where we want when we want, no need for time management.  The carelessness of our decisions propels consumerism, and increases waste and pollution.  Hoping to see some policy/legislature concerning these goals float up soon.

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