I read that the tundra is very vulnerable to global warming, how come it is not in the news like the glaciers? What kind of problems will this ecosystem face thanks to climate change?



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    While the melting of the glaciers will cause more immediate and evident effects than the melting of the tundra, the melting of the tundra could actually be the bigger issue at hand. Beneath the permafrost of the arctic tundra lie vast amounts of detritus, or dead organic matter. With it are huge quantities of methane and CO2, the very same gases driving the melting force in the first place. The ecosystem will change dramatically if this happens however. It is actually possible that the plant life that forms thanks to the thawing will negate the carbon emissions released initially from the thawing. There is still no scientific verdict as to whether arctic thawing will contribute to climate change or not. This point aside, the ecosystems will change dramatically. Animal species will be displaced that are adapted to the colder environment and new species will take over.

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