I read that the drought in the South Eastern United States is actually a population issue and not an environmental issue.

Is this true for other regions currently facing drought as well? Will this example help people realize that population growth can affect resources?



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    Water is one of the primary issues facing the human race for the next hundred years. I agree that it is a population problem, however it is also a question of location. I live in San Diego and we are currently in a level 2 drought, which means you can only water 3 times a week and restaurants don’t bring you water unless you ask. This not only has to do with our population, but the fact that snow and rainfall has been low the past few seasons. The sources of our water are the Colorado river and local reservoirs these are fed largely from snow run-off. This is not the first drought I’ve seen and it won’t be the last. Unfortunately people don’t like to make the connection between their populations and their resources. Maybe they’ll read this and get the idea.

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