I planted a small pine tree at home about 5 years ago,it always looked green but it never grew and this year, it started dying and turning brown, I tried everything to keep it alive but I don’t know what happened!



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    There aren’t enough details in your question for me to really diagnose the problem, but here are some suggestions:


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    There are a number of things which could be ailing your tree. My first guess would be that it is host to some sort of parasite or disease. When you claim that you have tried “everything to keep it alive”, I assume that this is referring to the addition of nutrients and ample amounts of water to the soil.

    Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium are essential to the health of the plant, but the ratios of these three nutrients depend very much on the climate, type of soil and species of plant. I have to agree with dtsang, we really need you to provide more information.   

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