I planted a heratige river birch less than 24 hours ago and the leaves on about 3-5 of the branches (out of about 15) are rapidly turning brown. We have been keeping it thourougly moist – help. Is it stress from the transplant? (Long Island, NY)



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    Well, birch trees have shallow root systems and dislike hot soils. My guess is it’s getting enough water, but given the heat wave your area has been going through recently, the soil might be too hot for comfort even with enough moisture. Another mistake that sometimes happens (and I still make after over a decade of gardening) is not letting the hose run water until it’s cool during the summer. If you’ve ever felt the first gush of water out of a hose left in the sun, it can be scaldingly hot and if that was poured on the birch that might have stressed it further. Summer is a rough time for tree transplants in general, also. Overall, it sounds like the birch is having the same issues many of us are with the heat. I don’t have a magic-bullet solution I’m afraid, but keeping it moist with cool water and some patience might help. Birches are tough little trees in the end, and while it might die back and be unhappy for a good while, it’s also likely to recover fully over time. Hope this helps.

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