I open the windows to my apartment but I can’t seem to get a breeze going through it is there anything I can do to help?



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    One fan in front of one window, blowing OUTWARD, will suck air from inside your apartment to the outside. This will mean that air is sucked IN to your apartment from all the other windows and increase circulation in the whole place. Hopefully that helps!

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    The amount of breeze depends on where your windows are. Cross ventilation, having windows across from each other, is the best. The stack effect brings in cool air and draws out hot air if you have a window that is up high on one wall and another lower window opposite. This circulates air all through a room. Since you can’t control the location of your windows (for example, there are three windows in my apartment, all on the east side), getting a fan will always help. Fans are more efficient than air conditioners, but remember to turn it off when you aren’t in the room since they only cool by circulating air.

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