I often wondered with Animals as big as the bison if humans would leave them alone if their numbers would naturally bounce back?

They don’t really have any natural predators.



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    Correct, they don’t have very many natural predators, and those that they do have are also extremely small in numbers.  Thus, if humans completely left them alone, their numbers should indeed bounce back.  However, bison naturally have an enormous habitat that is becoming increasingly smaller.  Bison will probably end up running into humans, and since most aren’t used to seeing them, the Bison might be killed.  If we completely left bison alone, then their population would increase, but even if we made it illegal people would probably still end up killing them unfortunately.

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    It is not just a matter of leaving them alone.  Habitat once was plentiful and now has been taken over by urban areas or farmland.  Restoration projects would have to be funded to ensure that the larger population can be supported on natural food supplies.  Humans have tipped the balance on many ecosystems, and it will take careful re-balancing of food and predators to ensure that the comeback of one species won’t be the demise of another.

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