I need a waterproof backpack, what brands are the best?

I need some for everyday use. I stay near shores so always have a trouble of rain. so looking out something which can protect my laptop well



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    I understand that you need a bag which can help you in dual way. There are many brands in the market which sells waterproof backpacks. But I personally prefer Eagle Creek backpack, since I am using it from last two years I have complete trust in the brand. My backpack interior are covered with nylon fabric with double coating making it a perfect water resistant and it can contain up to 17 inch of laptop. These features have made me worry free regarding any kind of damage to my laptop.

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    There are several brands out there, some you can find at your local sporting goods store. Brands like OverBoard, Mad Water, and Aquaknot make backbacks that are designed to be extremely waterproof. They can range from $30 to $100, depending on your needs for the backpack. Below I have given a website specializing in waterproof gear as a starting point, and perhaps you can find cheaper prices on other sites online.

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