I need information about starlings.



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    Starlings are smaller birds that live on most continents.  Starlings often carry a negative connotation, as they are usually noisy birds, and in many cases they are considered to be an invasive species (New Zealand, for example).  Additionally, they are unliked by airlines, as they are often sucked into a plane’s engines.  They can live just about anywhere, but prefer open spaces and are omnivores.


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    Starlings are also known as “European Starlings” because they originate from Europe and Western Asia. They are invasive to the US, and thrive all across North America. They can be seen in huge flocks which can reach up to 1 million birds when migrating. While they do feed upon insects, they can cause severe damage to crops. Their population in North American is nearly 200 million. Many birders do not care for starlings, as they have an unpleasant call, take over feeders, and are considered a nuisance. 

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    Um, this is pretty non-specific. Do you want to know about their territory, the things they use to build nests, or do you want to know how to cook them? I’ve attached a couple of sites that have some info, but it’s hard to know what kind of info you’re looking for. Hope this helps!

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