I must say the last 3 months have left me somewhat uneasy. It seems we’ve had far too many earthquakes, volcanoes and other natural disasters to occur in the last 3 months. Is there a bigger picture here? Could they some how be related to global warming?



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    It is important to remember that technology has gotten much better in the past few years. We are now able to detect and understand more natural disasters. We also are traveling and living in more remote areas. In the past many natural disasters went unrecorded or happened in remotes areas and were not reported on around the world. Certainly the impacts that humans are having on the environment, including global climate change and habitat destruction, may be playing a role in the increased natural disasters that are occurring. There are likely many factors that are acting together and one exact thing cannot be blamed.

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      Thank you so much for your answer. I guess when you stop for a min to look at the big picture you are correct on so many fronts. I forgot all about the role technology has played which really paints a more broad picture. It makes me want to do even more on my part to pay my respects to Mother Earth. Thank you. Happy early Earth Day!!!

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      It definitely is a difficult time and it is so easy to get discouraged! I am working on a project in Panama (La MICA Biological Station) and it is very real to me every day how the world is changing and how we must include humans in conservation. Thanks for the comment!!

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