I love my hot tub but hate the bill anything I can do?



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    Don’t plug it in when it’s not in use for starters, Ehow lists more ways to slash your bills as well as the second source I found.

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    What you have to do is to control your controls. Most hot tubs today have many featured options. Specifically, one that allows you to control the temperature. So by controlling the preset values to lower temperatures–like 102 fahrenheit–at certain hours of the day, and then raising it when you use it the most will lower energy consumption. Go lower if you want, a couple extra degree’s can really save you money. This is why the hot tub manufacturers call that option the economy setting. Also, because heat rises, using the cover will keep the water core temperature at a more constant level. It also keeps the evaporation level down so don’t be afraid to get a decent cover because it can save you money!

    If you are a portable hot tube owner, you might want to consider a foam board to insulate the bottom of the tub, which is typically not very well insulated.

    Another tip is to make sure the filters are being efficient, dirty filters can impact the efficiency and use more energy than it should.

    Last tip (though there are plenty more you can find online), if you can, try to position your tub at a south-face so that the sun can help with raising the temperature.

    Last last tip, you can always just not use one.

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