I lost about 3 ft on the top of my bald cypress tree. Will it grow back? I’m afraid it will affect the tree growth.

I had a 10ft bald cypress tree planted last spring. This past November I had a deep root fertilization done and this summer the tree exploded with new growth. The tree top couldn’t handle the weight of the new branches and tipped over. I tried unsuccesfully to prop it up and lost about 3 ft off the top when it cracked under the weight.



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    This will most likely affect tree growth. Apparently, the bald cypress tree is a resilient species and has frequent growth spurts when young, but that also means that the tree can be fairly fragile for awhile. It is likely that the tree could have benefitted from some careful pruning in the winter. The tree sounds very damaged, and although is grows quickly, losing the top of the tree can be a huge setback.

    What can you do about it? I recommend contacting your local arborist for a consultation. They can tell you whether or not your tree is in danger, and can advise you about what can be done to help your tree.

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