I live in a place where I have to burn wood for heat, how can I burn less wood?



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    Are your walls and attic properly insulated?  Do you have windows and doors that seal well to avoid drafts?  You should be able to schedule an energy audit with your local power company and they may be able to use tools like an infrared camera to detect where you are losing heat. Can you seal off any spare rooms and not have heat flowing to them? Also, you could alternatively look into getting a small space heater, which would avoid burning wood, but may have a larger footprint depending on how much energy it uses and where you get your wood from.

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    One thing you could do is talk to local businesses that receive shipments on pallets. Often times the company destroys the pallets, either just burning them to get rid of them or stacking them in a place. This would provide a way to “reuse” the wood and cut down on the number of trees that you burn each year.

    To help keep your house warmer, switch the reverse button on your ceiling fans (if you have them or install them) to help draw the warm air down from the ceiling to the living areas. Seal your windows with plastic to help keep in heat and reduce the wood you use.

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