I live in the midwest and I want to build an earthbag house. Is my soil atleast decent insulation or do I need to add something like perlite to the mix?

I have alsup gravelly silt loam, alsup noark compex, and cedargap gravelly silt laom.



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    You sound like me: I know how to build, I get the right tool, and then I get a little too creative and mess something up, because I don’t want to follow all the instructions from somewhere. At least, not the way they are written. Lol.

    And so, I am recommending to you this great page with several books. (And also considerable instructions and other building info. Note these suckers are not necessarily cheap!) http://www.greenhomebuilding.com/earthbag.htm The book the site writer recommends mostly highly is out-of-print: Building with Earth. However it’s still available on Amazon.

    And while we’re on that topic, searching Amazon on “building with earth: a guide to”, produces several interesting results, including a couple you can have a “peek” inside.

    To answer your question directly. As I’m writing I’m now considering building one on my Father’s place. My first impulse was to buy some high-tech to “finish” the insulation. Then I realized: 1 foot of anything is going to be pretty good insulation!

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      Thank you. I know the book. The other 3 websites I have confirmed to be more than ad-sites have recommended the book. In fact one of them is a blog by the author. http://www.earthbagbuilder.com

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      Hey, Anon, I had another thought on this, considering how I might build on my Father’s place. I think I would try something very small and easy first, such as a wall. Next I might try something with relatively high-tolerance for newbie mistakes. I was thinking a small walk-in cooler for food and other storage. At that point I’d feel pretty confident about some of the directions I might want to go for a major structure. (Plus, my Father’s place could use walls a couple places, and it gets hellishly hot there.)

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