I live at the Island Club Apts. in orlando Fla. we do not separate the trash at all, I hear they do stream line reclycling which requires no separating… I would like to be clearer on this process and the “green value”.



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    The main benefit of streamline recycling is that more people recycle when they don’t have to separate recyclables.  Thus, more materials are recycled, and less goes to the landfill.

    In terms of what this looks like in your home or apartment building, instead of having three or four bins for recycling, you’d just have one.  In our apartment building’s trash room, we have our old chute for trash, and then we have four large bins for recyclable materials.

    At the end of the line, all of the material gets delivered to the same place and sorted, some by people and some by machines, and eventually all goes to be recycled like it would have before.

    The video at the link below explains how the process occurs at the separating facility.

    To experience more Click Here

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    Here’s a link to a video that explains the process: http://mikecandoit.com/tips/what-is-single-stream-recycling-and-how-does-it-work/

    As for the green value, I don’t think it would be that different from other forms of recycling, except that the stream line recycling process might require more gas than when people separate their recycling themselves. 

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    Do you mean single-stream recycling? Single-stream recycling means that all recyclables can be mixed together in a single bin, instead of being parsed apart. The materials are separated by the recycling company, making it easier and more convenient for individuals to recycle. The “green value” lies in how this encourages recycling. I’m not sure about your condition in particular, but I would suggest you ask an administrator from your apartment about their recycling arrangements.

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    If you don’t do single-stream recycling, then you have multi-stream recycling, where you must seperate your recyclables into three bins- plastics, papers, and metals. This is a hassle and the effort that goes into it can discourage you from recycling.

    This is where single-stream recycling comes in. Instead of three bins, all recyclables can be put into one bin and collected together and taken to the Materials Recovery Facility where a machine automatically sorts the recyclables over the course of several stages. Some examples are magnets that seperate iron products and eddy currents that seperate aluminum and copper products. Once these items are all seperated, they can be recycled in their own respective way.

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