I live in an apartment where there are many smokers. What air purifier is the best to buy to take care of the pollution from the smoke which enters the vents or the only window that I have.



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    I realize you don’t want to spend too much money solving a problem that you didn’t create, but a good air purifier will cost some money.  The Airpura T600 is a system designed specifically to filter tobacco smoke.  I don’t know the size of your home, but this system can handle up to 2000 sq. ft.  The cost on the site I found it from is about $800, but I’m sure if you shopped around you could find a better price.  If it is really that important to you, this exact model was recommended by an expert.

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    Well, i think the same. it will cost alot of money for an air purifier and even for the Airpura T600. i think i have an idea, why don’t you shift your house or complain to the security guard or influence them not to smoke, make charts and stick them on your building.

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