I liked it,I need information for organic farming in Arunachal Pradesh



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    If I am correct, you are referring to the state in the Northeast section of India? If so, you may know that much of Arunachal Pradesh has a difficult landscape for farming. Because it varies from alpine (cool, mountainous areas) climate to a more temperate, humid climate, farming would likely be easier and possibly more successful in the temperate regions. Heavy rainfall in Arunachal Pradesh (2,000 to 4,100 mm annually) generally falls during the monsoon season between May and September, making planting seasons best after the rich rainfall. (See link 1, Indian Ministry of Agriculture, for contact information as well as further planting and seasonal details). 

    Organic farming is most effective when it is focused on native or easily grown products for the region. Arunachal Pradesh is best know for its variety of tree species, including juniper, fir trees and [in the lowland regions] tropical plants such as banana trees. Perhaps it would be helpful to understand first whether the intended species to plant would flourish naturally in that region. Otherwise, organic farming methods may not be effective and harsh fertilizers may have to be used. (See link 2, Organic Farming in India, for information on various successful farming methods there).




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