I liked the article in exposing the polititians interest in big energy dispite public interest in expanding clean energy. My question for a long time now has been why not put the politicians feet to the fire and expose their voting records on clean

Please publish the voting records of the politicians on green energy policy and list it by zip code so us voters can more easily vote our conscience and put the politicians feet to the fire.



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    There are several websites which allow you to track the voting records of your respective state senators, governors, and congress-members, as well as US presidents. The US government publishes the voting records on its websites (see link 1), but there are also third-party websites that publish the information in an easy-to-understand format. (See link 2 for an example- ProjectVoteSmart) Just look up your state and the candidate’s name and you’ll get a complete voting record history, as well as any bill sponsored by that candidate. Happy Voting!

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