I know the world cup is 4 years away but do you think more green products will realize the marketing potential and take advantage of it?



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    I definitely think that there will be much more green product marketing during the next World Cup.  Personally I believe that the entire green industry will continue to expand rapidly during the next four years, and by then many more companies will realize the potential of green products to bring in revenue.  During the 2010 World Cup, South Africa demonstrated its environmental awareness by using sustainable stadiums to host the games.  If gestures like this are being made now, I can only imagine what will be done to prepare for the next World Cup.

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    World Cup 2014 host Brazil, is already in the works to make the games as eco-friendly as possible.  New green transportation systems to help with the crowds are being installed.  Brazil’s government established strict rules for the building and construction of the stadium.  But, what really stands out is Nike’s involvement.  Nike has developed the Nike Strips uniform, made from recycled bottles.  With Brazil, Portugal, and Netherlands already set to wear strips, the uniform is sure to be a highlight of green products “ecoing” the games. 

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