I know that tequila comes from the agave plant, rum comes from sugar cane, vodka comes from grain or potatoes, but which liquor is the most sustainable to grow and produce?



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    Organic micro-distillers boast superior ingredients that get processed and refined in small batches, often incorporating unique blends of botanicals that yield pure flavors. Domestically, organic vodka is the most widely produced and most easily obtainable spirit, either through online sources or at select liquor stores. Organic rums, tequilas, gin, grappa, and brandy are made throughout the world, and must be imported into the U.S. As for brands: Batiste and Flor de Cana are two rum brands you can find here that are sustainable. For vodka, try Square One or Prairie Organic. Tequila drinkers can opt for Casa Noble or 4 Copas.

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