I know it’s better to water your lawn when the temperature is cooler—does it matter if it’s early morning vs. nighttime?



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    I would say, as a professional rose gardener managing 2.5 acres of land, a third of which is turf, that the optimal time for watering is in the evening (if you have an underground system, set it to go off in the night). During the summer months, temperatures usually get warm enough by mid-morning that lawns don’t stay wet long enough for disease to take hold. That being said, keep an eye on temps and water accordingly (if a lawn sits wet for too long, it is true that disease will move in). Also keep in mind that good lawn care is much more than watering correctly. You will not have healthy turf if all you do is water. To prevent problems–thatching, organic fertilizer applications 2x/year, and aerating (also 2x/year) are imperative. The garden I take care of has stellar lawns because of this regime, despite the public tromping all over it day in day out.

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