I know education is the most important part of sustainability but what kind of education?



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    To be more successful, you’ll want two kinds of education. First, you need a formal degree in Ecology, Environmentalism or some related field. It’s ok to start at a Junior College to save money and see if you are well-suited, but you’ll want to keep your eyes on getting a degree from a college with at least a better-than-average reputation. There are a lot of out-of-work college graduates these days.

    The second thing is often overlooked, but you want some part of your education to challenge your creativity. As Einstein said: “Creativity is more important than intelligence.” Because there are so many solutions to sustainability problems, so many new things to be discovered, it’s an ideal field for people who can “think out of the box”. What exactly challenges your creativity is personal. Take a couple night classes somewhere (that won’t show up on your academic record, perhaps). Don’t be afraid to try something radically new. Dance class? Cooking class? Photography? Video?

    And finally, what is very much needed in practically all fields at this point is better writers. You can’t lose taking classes about writing English. (Not critical theory of fiction, that won’t help as much.)

    While you’re getting educated, don’t forget to keep your pulse on what’s happening. Read “Wired”. Read the online “Science Daily”. Read a couple books of “hard” science-fiction. (That is, not with elves.) Sustainabilty is about envisioning a path for the future. Cheers!

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