I know a carrot is probably a carrot… but does a baby carrot have any better or worse nutritional than a big carrot?



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    Some carotene (up to 15% of the total amount) and some trace minerals are found in, or just below, the skin of a carrot.  Because baby carrots are peeled/shaved and abrasively tumbled, they are without these nutrients and thus less nutritious.

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    Because the “baby” carrots that you buy, are not REAL baby carrots, they do not contain as much carotene as a normal carrot.  The baby carrots are regular carrots that have been shaved/peeled down by machines that can make maybe 3-4 “baby” carrots from a regular size carrot.  The shaving/peeling cuts from the outside, where a lot of the nutrition is found, just like a lot of your nutrition is found in the skin of a potato. Your best buy for nutrition is to buy whole carrots and rough wash them under the tap (especially when they are new), and that way you don’t lose as much nutrition, but later on in the year, they need to be peeled, but even this is not as much peeling as it would take to make a “baby” carrot.  from februboy

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