I just saw a small sparrow sized bird on my bird table feeding with other sparrows. It was snow white with a bright orangy red beak and feet. Could this be an albino sparrow, or some other species entirely?



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    Sparrows and finches don’t really have vibrant orange beaks and feet, so if it was an albino sparrow or finch, the other features would most likely be muted. It is possible that it is a white canary. See picture below.  

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      thanks for answering my question re. small white bird. I think you could be right, it is possible it is a canary, but I would have thought if it was , the other birds would have chased it away, instead of seemimngly accepting it as one of their own. thanks again.

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      I have seen parakeets flying in flocks of other birds. It is not that uncommon for there to be an odd one in the bunch. At feeders, birds don’t generally single others out because they look different, they do it more to gain full access to food.

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    Maybe it is a pet canary that got out of a house or aviary.  Canaries are actually finches though, so if the above commenter meg707 is accurate about finches not having vibrant orange beaks and feet than maybe it is not a canary.  I have read that canaries are finches in bird literature.  I am not sure why finches and canaries are separated as such.  Here: I looked up define: canary.  http://wordnetweb.princeton.edu/perl/webwn?s=canary

    This link above defines canary as any several Small Old World finches.       


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    It was very likely an escaped pet zebra finch. Though not indigenous to the US, zebra finches are commonly bought as pets because of their beautiful complexions (which generally involve chestnut or gray stripes on the wings, but in the case of the white zebra finch can be a pure white) and bright orange beaks. They also have very lively social behavior, preferring to live in large groups and “write” songs with their flock-mates by singing as a group.

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