I just planted a 20 foot red maple tree in the backyard. It looks like it went into a little shock. Is there anything I can do and if it went into shock how long will I be able to tell if it took the planting.



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    Transplanting maples this time of year can definitely send the tree into some shock. The leaves should wilt for a while. If the amount of sunlight the tree has access to has changed, it will struggle a bit longer. Make sure the rootball stays moist and give it some time.

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    It generally isn’t ideal to plant a red maple during the summer, since shock is easily brought on by the heat. You can try to help the tree by keeping it well-watered. You can also try to mix a small amount of sugar in with the water as a root drench, which MIGHT increase fresh root growth, but might not.

    Telling whether or not the tree will take to the planting is another issue. It is possible that the tree might go through the winter, but die come spring. If you are truly concerned about your tree’s health, I reccommend looking up garden centers or tree health companies in your area and asking them about your problem.

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