I just bought a BPA free Nalgene bottle and it is making the water taste like plastic. Any ideas what is the problem?

I have an older BPA free Nalgene bottle and it has never made my water taste weird. The only difference between the two bottles is the old one is black and the new one is blue. (The blue one is the one that tastes weird.)



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    I’m surprised because I thought Nalgene bottles were not supposed to do that.

    If you want to try another option try a brnad new product called  Vapur. I have been using mine for several weeks now and I love it! They are BPA free, dish washer safe, freezable and can be rolled up to fit in your pocket when empty. What could be more convenient?


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    I like to use the 40 oz. Klean Kanteens because they are BPA free stainless steel. The steel does not taste like anything and is especially good if you use powdered drink mixes (these tend to stain Nalgenes with funky tastes). The only negative thing I have found with the Klean Kanteens is that they dent. 

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      I have several Kleen Kantees also. They work well but they do dent, if you purchase a painted one the paint will chip over time and they are quite a bit more expensive that the Vapur bottle. The other thing that I’m not to fond of is the fact that they are made in China. So far my new favorite is still the Vapur “The anti-bottle”

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