I heard that Pepperidge Farm just built a huge fuel cell power plant. What is that?



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    a fuel cell power plant is an electricity producing facility that uses an type of material to cleanly produce electricity. the different types of fuel cells are detailed at the link below. the most common fuel cell is the electrolysis of water fuel cell converting the water to pure hydrogen and oxygen, which can then be burned to produce water and electricity. if a tiny bit of salt is added to the water to assist with electrical current then the water can be reused to create more electricity, resulting in no harmful emissions.

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    Pepperidge Farms is now using two fuel natural-gas powered fuel cells that produce 70% of the company’s power needs at its bakery. The fuel cells used, made by FuelCell Energy, also allow the company to use excess heat produced in the generation of electricity is used for other bakery processes. It allows the fuel cell to operate at up to 80% efficiency.

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