I have a WhisperLite backpacking stove. Is there any way to empty the fuel from the canister after you have pressurized it? (Besides running the stove till it runs out.)



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    I only had a WhisperLite for a hot-second before I traded up to a JetBoil — I had to do a little searching around, but there are a few good resource websites listed below. Looks like you can slowly unscrew the pump to depressurize the bottle.  There are a few other bits and pieces in the links below regarding how to get the WhisperLite to simmer.


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      Cool, thanks for the tip. Why did you choose the JetBoil? How do you like it?

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      I love the jetboil. I got the tip from some cats I did Search and Rescue with — the whisperlite was just too difficult to manage after a long day on the trail. The only real downside of the JetBoil is that it uses small canisters — but the electric starter, built in wind shield and packability are what made it a Backpacker Magaine editor’s choice (2007?).

      A recent review I read noted that the JetBoil canisters can be recycled once their empty — they simply have to be punctured and flattened. Apparently REI.com sells a tool designed to puncture the canisters.

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      Very interesting. I’ll have to check it out next time I’m at REI. Thanks for your help!

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