I have a warty frog fish and would like to know how often to feed him. I got him to eat some frozen fish so it won’t be so expensive–just how often



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    Hello Mr. Fenner,
    I work in a big corporate pet store, more specifically the fish section. The person in charge of ordering livestock has the nasty habit of ordering things because she doesn’t know what they are and wants to see it, regardless of whether or not anyone can care for it at the store or for that matter anywhere else.
    <I understand>
    We recently got a fish under the name of “colored angler”. It looks like a dwarf lion in basic main body shape. Its finnage is short and instead of swimming it more or less walks. Its colors are reddish white and orange marbled together with little white spikes coming off of it. I know this is not a lot to go on but any information as to what kind of fish it is and how to care for it would be much appreciated
    <This is very likely ‘an’ Anglerfish, Antennarius species… though as you state, it is hard to discern these cryptic fishes to species, especially as young. Thankfully they all have about the same aquarium husbandry… and much of this parallels the care of Lionfishes and their kin. Most all only accept live foods at first (training on to “wiggled” frozen/defrosted or dead meaty foods is possible. with a ‘feeding stick’). Water quality requirements are not strict, but do take care as these fishes are messy. They don’t feed that often (for small ones, a couple of guppies or a small feeder per week is fine) as they’re very sedentary (as you know). Bob Fenner>
    Matt Cruzan

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