I have two olive trees but no use for the fruit. Is it possible to put the fruit on gardens and will do any damageto the soil?



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    I am no expert, but I might look in to using the fruit toward a compost pile.  If you grow other things other than olive trees, then this might be of use to you.  Olive trees require a different type of compost using loam, which you can buy already made.  However, when composting any fruit, it’s a good idea to mash it up so that it makes it easier for it to rot and therefore, more adequately distribute nutrients into your compost.  This also shortens the time it needs to rot, since oxygen is able to penetrate the fruit better when it is mashed. 

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    If you want to throw the fruit in the gardens, it won’t be a problem as far as the soil is concerned – if anything, it will benefit the soil if it rots. However, there’s a good chance it will be eaten by insects or animals before that happens. Be cautious of throwing fruit where you don’t want new olive trees to grow – I’d say that’s the main risk of putting the fruit in the garden. If you want the fruit to be of more use to other plants, I would compost it like lola14 said. You can compost the fruit with dead plant matter, like leaves you raked from your yard (among other things). This organic compost acts as a nutrient-rich fertilizer you can use on your garden plants. For info on how to start your own compost pile, see: http://www.epa.gov/osw/conserve/rrr/composting/by_compost.htm

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