I have twins who are crawling now, so I’m afraid to buy rat poison. Is there anything non-toxic that would kill them, or would it be more eco-friendly to adopt a huge snake or two cats?



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    This is a tricky problem. Setting physical traps would be one way to capture the rats, but you would have to make sure to keep the children away. If possible, try to get the twins out of the house for a couple days to solve the problem if using this method. There is also a product called Green Shield. When plugged in, this device sets an electromagnetic field on and off that makes the space unlivable for a rat.

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    Check out the link below to see a poison that is deadly for rats, but will not harm humans. It is made entirely from natural vegetable materials. It is safe for humans to use, even around food surfaces.

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    The best bet might be glue traps, since those can’t hurt your children or make them sick. If it’s a choice between pets though, I’d recommend the cats. They’ll socialize with human babies slightly better.

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